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11 Social Media Services Your Start-up Company Needs

With so many people online today, every business needs to have a presence on the Internet. In its most basic form, social media marketing is a cost-effective way to grow your business. However, crafting the perfect social media campaign takes work and time that you might not have when you’re running a start-up. Not to mention that successful campaigns require some expertise.

The solution to this problem is to check out professional social media services for your business. In this article, we will examine why you need social media as well as how you can use it effectively. We also have some recommendations for some great social media marketing firms you can choose from.

Why Use Social Media for Business?

Social media marketing can have many positive effects on your business. The pros far outweigh the cons. Here are a few of the main benefits being active on social media can give your business:

Build Brand AwarenessBuild Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the most effective avenues for building brand awareness. Information spreads quickly online, so it’s important to have your brand in the mix as soon as possible.

Connect With Customers

Many customers look to social media first when trying to connect with a business. Being active on social media makes your company accessible to current and potential customers.

Drive More Traffic

Traffic is an important factor in SEO. The more people you can get clicking through to your website, the higher it may be in search results. Promoting your business and website through social media is an easy, cost-effective way to increase traffic.

Grow Your Mailing List

If people like your content, they’re more likely to become customers. Social media helps people find your business and gives them an opportunity to subscribe for more. Therefore, social media is a great way to grow your mailing list.

Get More Leads

If a business is active on social media, it can produce leads organically. This means you’re not paying for lead lists while also getting more qualified leads. They’re already interested in your product or service, so all you need to do is reach out.

Drive More Revenue

An effective social media campaign is a cost-effective way of increasing revenue through exposure. Billions of people are using social media, far more than any other media source these days. This means more eyes on your brand, eventually leading to more sales.

The Benefits of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

The Benefits of Using a Digital Marketing Agency

Using social media to grow your start-up business may seem easy enough. After all, you probably have personal social media accounts of your own. However, it’s important to get your business’s social media marketing right, as mistakes can really stack up against you.

The solution is to hire a digital marketing agency. Using social media for business is complicated, so unless you have a background in that field, you should hire a professional.

There are a lot of benefits to using a digital marketing agency as opposed to going it alone. For one, it’s their job to help you grow your following and reap the benefits of social media marketing. You don’t have to worry about analytics when you already have so much on your plate from running a start-up.

A digital marketing agency can also provide you with a higher probability of success. It can be difficult to parse the correct ways of promoting your business on various social media platforms. This is especially true if you don’t use these platforms personally. Digital marketing agencies know all the ins and outs of social media and can use that knowledge to help you.

List of the Best Social Media Marketing Agencies for Start-ups

If you decide to hire a digital marketing agency, your next step will be to pick one. There are a lot of options out there, so we’ve compiled a list of the best. Here are some great options for social media marketing agencies for your start-up:

Blue Fountain Media

As one of the top social media marketing firms in New York, Blue Fountain Media is a great pick. They work with many big-name companies such as Sony and Microsoft. They specialize in growing your business through your online presence and will help you build a winning website.


Flightpath is another New York-based digital marketing agency that specializes in developing social media marketing solutions. They offer expertise in the most popular platforms and can help you establish and maintain your online presence.


Hallam is an award-winning digital marketing agency that has designed campaigns for the United Nations, the BBC and more. They are an established firm promising results from their unity-based philosophy and methods. Founded in 1999, they’ve ridden the wave of internet marketing since the beginning.

Digital Uncut

Digital Uncut is a digital marketing agency geared towards start-ups. They have proven success in improving conversion rates through social media campaigns. They also specialize in the unique challenges associated with start-ups.

Wilderness Agency

Wilderness Agency is a successful digital marketing agency based in London. They have worked with many big-name brands including Discovery and NBCUniversal. They combine strategy and creativity with media to get great results.


RNO1 is a cutting-edge digital marketing agency that offers simple solutions for the complex problem of social media marketing. They have proven success with several huge brands like Microsoft, Disney and Airbnb.

The Good Marketer

The Good Marketer is another United Kingdom-based digital marketing agency that offers solutions for small and medium businesses. They offer flexible and proactive marketing at an affordable price to suit a start-up.

Pound & Grain

Pound & Grain specializes in designing creative and innovative digital marketing campaigns. Based in Canada, this is a social media marketing firm you can count on to help achieve your goals.


9thWonder has worked with many big-name brands like Amazon, Samsung and Honda. They specialize in gearing social media campaigns to a new breed of consumers with authenticity. They achieve success by highlighting what makes your business different.


Propeller is another United Kingdom Based firm specializing in creating a bespoke web design for businesses. They can help with anything from website building to social media marketing and more.

Rabbit Studio

Rabbit Studio focuses on user experience and customer engagement. They create web designs and social media campaigns that are appealing and effective. They are based in Hong Kong.

AVX Digital

AVX Digital is a Texas-based digital marketing firm that provides a variety of services. They specialize in SEO and social media marketing, and can also help with web design.

List of Social Media Services You Might Need for Your Start-up Company

Using social media to grow your business is about more than crafting the perfect post for Instagram. While content creation is a big part, there are a lot of services a professional digital marketing firm can provide. Here are some of the main services to look for as a start-up company:

  • Strategic Planning

There is a lot of thought and planning involved in creating a social media platform. Likewise, you need to think strategically when using social media to grow your business.

Proper planning is the foundation of a successful social media campaign. It’s one of the essential services of a digital marketing firm. So if you were going to pick just one service, it should be strategic planning.

  • Profile Branding and Account Creation

The best posts imaginable won’t do your business any good if your account settings and profile aren’t set up correctly. For example, you might have the audience for your posts set to friends-only. That won’t get you anywhere when trying to reach potential customers.

It’s also important that your profile reflects your brand as well as the products or services you offer. Cohesive branding is an important part of marketing and also just makes your brand look put together. If you use a different logo for your social media, how will customers know it’s you?

Professional digital marketing firms often cover this service as a basic part of their packages. It’s important to get help so you can get your first impression right, especially if you’re new to a platform.

  • Content Creation

Content is the bread and butter of social media. This is where your company can really shine. Because of its importance, content needs to be strategic and well thought out.

The best way to ensure you’re doing content creation the right way is to hire a professional. Social media marketing firms can help plan your content and even create that content for you. If you need help coming up with things to post, this is a great service to consider.

  • Content Publishing

Certain platforms like YouTube take consistency in posting content into account for their algorithms. This means you need to post regularly to make the most of your social media presence. When you’re busy running a start-up, however, it’s hard to find time to worry about social media.

Social media marketing firms can help you solve this dilemma by planning your posting schedule for you. They can even post your content on your behalf.

Facebook Ads

  • Facebook Ads

If you are only familiar with social media from your personal accounts, you may be familiar with Facebook Ads. However, you probably won’t know how to make one yourself. Digital marketing firms, including us, can help you create effective ad campaigns on social media.

  • Marketing Consulting

It’s important that you get your marketing right in order to get the best return on investment. We can help you as consultants so you can ensure your marketing campaigns are successful.

  • Press Releases

Press releases are an important avenue for official statements. You want to make sure any journalistic reports about changes in your business have the appropriate information. In short, it’s best if the information comes directly from you. We can create great press releases that get that information across in the desired format.

  • Social Media Community Management

When your social media profiles start to gain followers, you begin to develop a community. It’s important to have someone managing that community and acting as a moderator. Doing so prevents problems like spam, scams and negative impressions.

You shouldn’t have to dedicate your valuable time to this time-consuming process. Hiring a social media marketing firm can take the burden off your shoulders.

  • Social Media Post Curation and Scheduling

At Business Marketing Engine, we believe business owners should focus on growing their businesses. We can take over the job of curating posts on social media. We can also plan your posting schedule to take advantage of the benefits of consistency. 

  • Video Production and Editing

Videos are a great way to connect with your customers. However, a poorly produced video can make a bad impression. We can produce and edit your video content for you, giving you more time to strategize and work on other things.

  • Virtual Summit Management

Another great way to use social media to grow your business is by hosting a virtual summit. A virtual summit is like a conference online. It can take a bit of work to set one up, but we can help. Virtual summits are a great way to network without spending a lot of time and money traveling.


Social media is an awesome tool start-up owners can use to grow their businesses. There are a lot of benefits if you choose the right platforms and make the right moves. However, some aspects of using social media for business can be challenging, especially for beginners. Thankfully, hiring a digital marketing firm to help you makes social media marketing easy.

At OmniSocial Engine, we believe that business owners, and especially start-up owners, should focus on business development. We strive to take on the things you shouldn’t have to worry about, like social media.

To see the difference our plans can make for you, give us a call or contact us today.

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