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13 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies in 2021 (To Increase Sales)

Ignoring social media marketing is a non-starter, to say the least. Every business leader knows that their brand needs a strong presence on social media. Moreover, every marketing department must ensure they are reaching their target audience effectively on all social media channels. How does your social media marketing strategy measure up? 

If you want to drive sales via social media this year, check out our thirteen best social media marketing strategies for 2021. I guarantee your team can find something useful to give sales a boost for the remainder of the year.

What Are The Best Social Media Strategies

What Are The Best Social Media Strategies?

In marketing, results are what matter most. We’ve selected each of the following strategies because we know they are the most effective at increasing sales via social media marketing. Rummage through our “toolkit” below and you’re sure to find something that will give your brand a competitive edge. 

1. Focus on Audience Education

The primary objective of any brand for social media marketing is to establish themselves as an expert and a thought leader among the competition. Creating podcasts, videos and blog content intended to educate your target audience is how your marketing team can accomplish both goals. Make education your focus, and customers will be reaching out to you for solutions again and again.

2. Decide What Narratives Best Represent Your Brand

The story of your brand is secondary to establishing your expertise and authority in your field. What about your brand will your target audience connect with most readily? Craft the narrative that best creates those critical connections between your products/services and your customers. Making your brand’s story fundamental to your strategy is a surefire recipe for success.

3. Create A Personalized User Experience (UX)

Reaching customers where they are is how you convert leads and prospects into sales. Personalizing your followers’ UX when they connect with your brand via social media is crucial to building strong relationships with each of them. Using personalization breaks the misconception that your brand is only looking to sell them something. You are a personalized solutions provider for the problems they deal with daily. That’s how you build lifelong relationships with repeat customers.

4. Take Advantage of AI-Powered Chatbots

New technology in algorithms and artificial intelligence has created significant marketing opportunities in the form of chatbots. These useful web tools allow customers to get more information about your brand and products/services all day, every day. Even smaller brands that don’t have the resources for a full-time customer service department now have access to self-service help for every customer. If you aren’t taking advantage of this extremely useful marketing tool, you need to get on board now.  

5. Make Your Content Marketing Strategy All About Engaging, High-Quality Content

The success or failure of your social media marketing strategy depends heavily on the quality of the content you post regularly. Every video, live stream, blog post and image should be curated for the best possible educational quality and engagement. Share content with your followers they will want to share with their friends, colleagues and family. When followers connect with content, they are far more likely to choose your brand when looking for a product or service. Make content they want to connect with, and they will beat a path to your door.  

Diversify Content to Maximize Target Audience Appeal6. Diversify Content to Maximize Target Audience Appeal

What makes the internet so universal is that there is always something for everyone online. It follows that your social media channels should reflect this principle. Your marketing team should ensure that there is a variety of content on every channel to appeal to your target audience. Diversified content also widens your brand’s appeal and audience, allowing your brand to reach more people in unexpected sectors and populations online. Maintain this diversity consistently, and sales growth is assured.

7. Create Community To Expand Your Audience

Every human being on the planet is looking to belong to a community. That’s what makes us unique amongst other living creatures on Earth: we establish communities wherever we go. Smart social media marketing teams know that it is important to draw on this human need for connection. Establishing that sense of belonging and community with your customers is critical to increasing sales. Community is a surefire way to get repeat business and draw in new customers looking to belong.

8. Reach Out To Brand Advocates

Superfans exist for every brand, and your marketing team needs to capitalize on that positive feedback. Always offer opportunities for your customers to provide feedback, and post their testimonials on your social media channel content. Prospective customers will always value word-of-mouth feedback from other consumers over a sales pitch. 

9. Research What Influencer Marketing Might Be Right For Your Brand

Influencers have rapidly become an excellent source of referrals for social media marketing. That being said, it is important to research what influencers are the best fit for your brand before investing in an influencer social media campaign. Sometimes there are just one or two influencers worth reaching out to, while in other cases it’s best to reach out to as many influencers as you can. This strategy can be hit or miss, so do your homework before putting products or services on the table.

10. Establish A Presence On Every Social Media Channel

This one is simple: the more social media sites you maintain a presence on, the larger the target audience you can reach. There’s nothing wrong with cross-posting your content across multiple channels either, as some users only use a select number of social media and reject others. Don’t limit your reach by failing to establish and maintain a social media presence everywhere.

Budget Resources For Each Channel To Control Costs And Maximize Returns

11. Budget Resources For Each Channel To Control Costs And Maximize Returns

Work with your marketing and financial team to establish a budget for social media spending. The marketing analytics will tell you where your money is earning the best ROI and where it is failing to drive sales. Working within a set budget also helps you control your social media marketing costs. Moreover, it also ensures that you are getting your money’s worth with each campaign.

12. Experiment With Virtual & Augmented Reality Advertising

VR and AR are still emerging technologies on social media in the form of gamification and photo filters. That being said, they possess the potential for significantly higher engagement and audience reach compared to traditional social media content. If your marketing team has the technology and knowledge to implement both well, you can create a significant boost in sales revenue and marketing ROI with minimal investment.

13. Leverage The Power Of Video and Live Streaming

Video remains the undisputed king of social media content. YouTube and more recently, TikTok have proven this to be true for the better part of a decade. Live streaming exclusive content also creates a sense of urgency and fear of missing out (FOMO) within your target audience. Making exclusive special offers on live streams also drives higher engagement and reach with potential customers who are highly motivated to buy. Bottom line, video and live streaming content need to be integral to any social media marketing strategy going forward.


Your brand may already be implementing many of the strategies we’ve discussed today. It is highly unlikely that you are taking advantage of all of them. Review this list with your marketing team today, and ensure that your brand is making the most of every opportunity on social media. You owe it to your brand, your business and the customers who will benefit directly from your products and services.

At OmniSocial Engine, we believe that business owners, and especially start-up owners, should focus on business development. We strive to take on the things you shouldn’t have to worry about, like social media.

To see the difference our plans can make for you, give us a call or contact us today.

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