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14 Common Myths About Social Media Management

We are in the age of social media. Over 3 billion people are using social networking platforms today. Many myths about social media are roaming around. But, we are here to debunk 14 common myths about social media management. 

You Need to be on Every Platform

When brands discover social media, they think being on every single one is crucial. Instead of adding an extra workload, stick to the platforms that your targeted audience visits the most. 

It is Only for the Youth

You may think that social media platforms are only for young people. However, people of all ages are on it now. And with the pandemic, more people are joining to connect with family and friends. 

Your Customers Come Only As Fans or Followers

One of the best ways to find new customers, fans, and followers is being present on social media. Include paid ads that target many different people and not just your followers. 

Only Schedule During the Work Week

It may be easier to schedule things during the workweek, but you miss out on optimal hours during the weekend. Plus, there are social media scheduling tools. Schedule posts ahead of time and enjoy your days off! 

Hashtags are Essential

When Instagram first started, hashtags were the rage. It was the one way you could show your post to millions of people. Now, hashtags are still relevant but not needed to grow a thriving network. 

Social Media Monitoring is Hard and Time-Consuming

If you do not know anything about social media or how to monitor it, it is harder and time-consuming. But if you research and download tools to help you, you can easily keep track of it and master it. 

You Should Not Check Out New Platforms

New platforms are sometimes intimidating and not worth your time. But there are so many opportunities to grow your brand awareness, especially to younger people, if you try out new platforms. 

Never Post Negative Reviews

Negative reviews may seem like they will not help your brand, but having a good mixture of both makes your company more authentic. 

Social Media is Completely Free

Even though the platform is free, that does not mean every feature is free. If you want to promote ads, you need to spend money. Always allocate a budget each month for a campaign for your brand. 

Email is No Longer Relevant

Many brands believe that joining social media means email is no longer relevant. However, not every customer follows you on social media. An email gives them updates on your new products or offers. 

Anyone Can Manage Your Social Media

Not everyone can manage your social media. There are many moving parts. Therefore, have a team that knows and understands how to manipulate it. 

Social Media is the Least Important Compared to Other Marketing Initiatives

Social media marketing is just as valued as any other marketing initiative. And nowadays, it is even more relevant and essential. 

Your Following Can Grow Overnight

Yes, some people and brands miraculously go viral overnight. However, for the majority of individuals and brands, this will not happen. Instead, brainstorm, implement, and monitor your social media to grow out your following over time. 

All Agencies are the Same

Many companies think that all agencies are the same. But some marketing agencies like OmniSocial Engine have a team that focuses only on improving your brand’s social media. For more information, call us today.

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