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20+ New Social Media Apps for Social Media Marketing Strategy

We have a surprise for you, and we want you to take full advantage of it. 

Enter: our time machine. We know, it sounds crazy. But hop on in, and let’s travel back in time together. 

Alright, we fiddled with a few buttons and switches and knobs, and here we are. Take a look around. What do you see? 

It’s an era before social media, before social networking, before social media platforms were the ticket to marketing strategy and total business growth. Isn’t that wild? 

Okay, let’s fast forward back to the here and now. As nostalgic as it may be to reminisce on the days when social media sites didn’t rule the world, you have to snap out of it. 

Social media today is how we all connect with one another. As a business professional, it’s your “in” to connect with your customers, potential and existing alike. 

But we know that it can be hard to keep up with, what with the stratosphere of technology evolving on a daily. New social media apps are coming out of the woodworks, at a rate that feels like mere seconds before the next one hits the market. 

More than 3 billion people use social media today. How many of those 3 billion people could be your customers if you just met them halfway? 

Today, we go over the top new social media apps you need to know about for your social media marketing strategy. 

What is the Latest Update in Social Media?

Do you like to keep it old-school? Maybe you prefer traditional marketing techniques, like mail-in flyers and promotional campaigns that only show up in niche catalogs. 

Stop. Full stop. 

New social media apps are the future of your business success. Still don’t believe us? 

Let’s look at a few of the latest updates and social media news from just this month. Here are some recent headlines: 

(Oh, and one more thing: not only is this news relevant to why your business needs to capitalize on new social media apps. You can find any number of these updates shared via new social media platforms.)

“Behind the Review | Knowing what your customers want and how to deliver it” (Source)

“The rise of digital marketing in medtech” (Source)

“Today’s Business Landscape Accelerates The Need For Omnichannel” (Source

“The importance of an effective social media strategy for B2B sellers” (Source)

And the list goes on and on. So without further ado, let’s explore the best new social media apps of 2021. 

Top Social Media Sites and Apps You Need to Know in 2021Top Social Media Sites and Apps You Need to Know in 2021

There is one other thing you should consider before you get into the top new social media apps for this year so far. 

The following list consists of social media apps and new social media sites to think about including in your new social media marketing strategy. If you already have a solid plan, tack any of these on for an added bonus or use them as social networking sites to expand your brand. 

Do the same if you are either a new business or an established one that hasn’t quite gotten the hang of the “social media platform” concept. If you need help formulating your social media marketing strategy, fear not. We can help you there, too. 


Caffeine is a somewhat recent site that joins the ranks of existing streaming platforms. 

Viewers and broadcasters alike use it. Viewers have easy access to watch live-streamers worldwide, and they have that access without the hassle of ads or subscription tiers. 

Popular broadcasters include household-name gamers, entertainment gurus and sports aficionados. 

With this social app, you can: 

  • Browse and watch the streams
  • Participate in live chats
  • Upvote streams
  • Make donations to broadcasters of your choosing 


Steemit is a site that offers blockchain-based blogging and a social media community. 

It hosts its own cryptocurrency called STEEM. The site rewards its users with that cryptocurrency when they publish and curate inner-site content. Steemit creators can make posts on a wide variety of topics. 

Every post generates a hash, and other users can comment on those posts and upvote them. 

Think Reddit, but with a fresh take. 


As far as new social media apps go, Untappd is a fun and inventive one. It really does put the “social” in “social media.” 

Social media is a slightly new outlet, and it plays on another new craze. This new craze, of course, is the one that surrounds craft beer, breweries and the community that comes along with it. 

On the platform, beer fanatics have a whole new realm of possibilities. They can: 

  • Rate beer
  • Share photos of beer
  • Rate and review nearby establishments’ tap menus
  • Earn badges
  • Connect with friends (online friends included!) to see what beer they are drinking
  • Post comments on logged beers
  • Request that the app suggests similar beers

Untappd aligns with other channels, like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. With external sites like those, users can share their check-ins and access locations. 


8tracks is a site that holds true to its name. It is an internet-radio and networking site. Its users can create, share and stream playlists that other users curate. And can you guess the minimum number of tracks per playlist? 

Yep. Eight tracks. 

8tracks accounts are free to browse, listen to and create your own playlists. With 8tracks Plus, the platform’s subscription service in the U.S. and Canada, users enjoy a 14-day free trial. After their two weeks are up, they can pay $4.99 per month for unlimited and ad-free listening. 


If you know anyone in Italy, then you probably know someone who uses the social networking site aNobii. If you have a lot of book-loving friends from anywhere across the world, you still might run into an aNobii user. 

Their site opened up in 2006 and now has users throughout 20 different countries, although Italy remains the most popular user country. 

It hosts similar content to Goodreads and similar ideas to Untappd. Users can add their books to their own “library.” Then, they can rate and review them and talk about them with fellow users. 


Everyone is more into new social media apps when they’re free. Hence the power of Athlinks. It is a free social networking platform that focuses on competitive-endurance athletes. 

Members get to connect with their athlete peers and teammates, as well as their competition. From there, they share and celebrate their scores and race results. 

They mostly target sports and events like: 

  • Triathlons
  • Adventure racing
  • Swimming
  • Mountain biking
  • Running
  • Cycling


There is a universal love for music throughout the world and across any barriers. New social media apps like ReverbNation take advantage of that love. 

ReverbNation is a reputable social media site that draws its attention to musicians. It is a chance for them to promote their music within the platform to grow their following. Plus, they can sell their tracks to their fans on the site or use it to distribute their music to other, larger platforms. 

The site also has tools available to its musicians that foster career growth. 


Film and new social media apps working together: why not? 

Flixster lets members zero in on their love for film. This American social media site lets film connoisseurs stay in touch with others who share that same passion. They can post film reviews and explore their film-watching experiences with each other. 

It’s a great tool for film pundits to read up on new movies for their peers’ thoughts before they invest their time. As if that wasn’t enough, users can purchase their in-theater movie tickets from the site. 


CaringBridge cornered its market as soon as it came out. The site’s goal is to help people on a personal health journey make meaningful connections and find support along the way. 

In addition to being a networking system for health-related support, it is also a sort of health journal. 

Having a major illness or being on an obstacle-ridden path to healthy living is hard enough as it is. So CaringBridge connects users with people who care about their success and wellbeing to nudge them along on their path to wellness. 


When some people think of former high school classmates or old college drinking buddies, they cringe at the thought of reliving those “glory days.” But this is not always the case. 

Social media platform Classmates recognized that when it launched. It links users back up with their ex-classroom pals and fellow alumni. The service also lets you schedule and plan high-school reunions. You can also take a peek at your high school yearbook that might otherwise be collecting dust in an old box in your childhood bedroom. 



SoundCloud has been around for a good bit, but that’s for good reason. It is just as relevant today as it was when it first came out in 2007. 

It is a music-sharing social site. Users here get to upload their original music and sound bites. They can also listen to fellow artists’ tracks and curate playlists by adding music to them. Not only that, but they can add comments to their favorite pieces of a track so other users can see them. 

We Heart It

Ah, yes: a picture is worth a thousand words. And with what also feels like thousands of photo-based new social media apps, We Heart It still manages to stand out. 

Similar to Pinterest, We Heart It lets users find and put together collections of images they like. 

For categories, there are quotes, fashion and relationships. There is art, beauty and food. The categories, meant to inspire users, keep coming. 


We all know the importance of reviews when we want to buy something new. Influenster is a website where fellow consumers can post and read genuine reviews from others. Reviews range from subjects like hair care, fragrance and skin care to health, pets and electronics. 

Influenster makes sure that you do not have to leave much to the imagination. It generates influencers to participate in marketing campaigns according to their interests. The site does so by analyzing users’ social impact with data from major social media apps. 


We loved the idea of film-based social media platforms so much, we had to include FilmAffinity too. 

The site lets users rate movies they watch. Then, they send them movie recommendations on the basis of their top genres and rating history. 


Everyone needs a good laugh every once in a while, and CollegeHumor is there to deliver when you do. Their site is a YouTube page with fresh takes on comedy in the forms of articles and video content. 

They have an internal team that updates the site every day, but they also share user submissions. Memes and images are popular with CollegeHumor, too. 


MocoSpace is an all-around chatroom social media app. It focuses on on-the-go social networkers who want to touch base with fellow digital socialites. 

Users can talk with like-minded people via group chats and public or private chat rooms. The app also offers mobile games and eCards, to name a couple of their other services. 


XING is prime real estate for career professionals, especially those who call Europe home. Like LinkedIn, users can use their free profiles on the site to build their workplace networks. 

XING is a way for working people to search for job opportunities and read up on their industry’s news. They can also find nearby (or faraway!) conferences, seminars and events for career development. 

The DotsThe Dots

If you have a creative mind but still consider yourself a business professional, you need to foster that creativity somewhere. And The Dots is a perfect place to do that. 

They describe their platform as “the professional network for people who don’t wear suits to work.” It is a place to collaborate, search for clients and jobs and expand your skill sets. 

Many field experts have a space here, so you can ask for any help or advice from them. They also have an app version of the site. 


Gamers unite on Cellufun. It is a social community of users who have fun playing games, chatting with each other and crafting their own avatars. 

It is free for users, but you need their digital currency to buy their virtual commodities and add on more enticing features. This currency, “FunCoins,” costs real money. The platform is compatible with either mobile or desktop screens. 

WT Social

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, created social networking platform WT Social

WT Social works towards what they call a “non-toxic social network.” They aim to act as an alternative to large-scale social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Like Wikipedia, it is a free site without ads. 

Donations from users are what keep it up and running. They also uphold their user-centric mission by allowing users to pick their own content, whatever that may be. 


MeetMe is a free social media app. It encourages users to chat with new people, focusing on those who live in the same area. 

You can build these relationships online. Or, you can choose to meet them in person after you bond over similar interests via the app. 


“How many of those 3 billion people could be your customers if you just met them halfway?” Do you remember when we said that at the beginning of this post? 

At OmniSocial Engine, we meet you more than halfway. We come to your doorstep, then take your business all the way to where it needs to go.  

Our in-house experts know social media from top to bottom, inside and out. But what matters most is that we will know you and your business’s content marketing needs from top to bottom, inside and out. 

You know how much potential your business has. After all, you built it from the ground up. But what’s the point, if you aren’t actively tapping into that potential and growing your business’s reach

OmniSocial Engine shines the spotlight onto your business and gives it top-of-mind-awareness. And not only will our cultivated techniques drive your revenue, but the next time you walk into a meeting? Everyone will already know your name. 

You have a lot of those meetings, we’re sure of it. So the time to prepare is now. Head to our blog for more of our top tips, latest industry news and updates. But for real growth that you can measure, we need you to first do one thing: click here to get started with OmniSocial Engine today.

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