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3 Things About Social Media Management You Wished You’d Learned

Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.” – David Alston. 

As a brand (whether it is large or small), you need to utilize social media to capture your audience’s attention, trust and loyalty. This year alone has over 3.6 billion users on social media platforms with it projected to grow even more. While you may already be on social media, we want to make sure you are using it to your full advantage. Here are three things about social media management you wished you’d learned. 

Creating a Monthly Calendar

The days of coming up with your posts on the same day they need publishing are over. Instead, your brand can benefit from brainstorming and coming up with your social media one month in advance. Shoot or create images, write the copy, find national days or specific holidays, make changes and plan out your entire month. 

There are many ways to create a calendar. Some companies keep it simple with an Excel sheet or create a customized calendar on In-Design or Illustrator. Go with what works best with your creative marketing team and company. 

Using a Social Media Scheduler App

Remember that monthly calendar you just created? Well, it is time to pull it out and schedule all your posts in an advance. Some platforms have built-in schedulers like Facebook and Pinterest. 

If you want a site where you can post everything, then an extension like Hootsuite is your best option. Scheduling in advance gives you time to make changes and helps with procrastinating. Plus, who does not like being ahead? 

Repeating Posts

While it may seem like a no-no to repeat posts from the past, there are some that you do not want your followers to miss. Some of these posts include contests, offers, case studies, company or store announcements, charitable work and any other relevant information. 

For posts that you want to copy verbatim with the same image, start it off with ICYM, which means in case you missed it. Some brands prefer changing up their captions but keeping the same photos as well. Do what you believe is best for your company. 

Stay on top of your social media by checking out one of the tips above. If you ever need help managing, scheduling or creating content for your business, reach out to us at OmniSocial Engine today.

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