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4 Key Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Management Today

Social media marketer. Social media strategist. Social media expert. Social media director. 

The job titles that business professionals assign to social-media-related team members are aplenty. And then there is, ostensibly, the fabled social media user. 

You know the one; the type who bases their purchasing decisions solely on a brand’s social media content. The ones who spend their free time perusing social media platforms for the latest and greatest in trends, news and offers. 

As it turns out, they are not so fabled after all. In fact, consumers who use social media are everywhere. Just ask your neighbor, your friend, your family member. It probably will not shock you how many people spend time on social media. 

We are in an age where it is the captain of the team that is business prosperity. 

You know that there are tons of social media job titles out there. By the same token, there are countless social media tools and social media services you have to deal with as an industry leader. This is why you need social media management on your team. 

What is Social Media ManagementWhat is Social Media Management? 

Social media management is the process of social media handling, combined with more than a dash of manager skills. 

Let’s break it down some more. 

This is when your in-house, external or freelance social media manager goes through a particular process. They create and publish relevant content for your brand. They also promote and manage said content across various social media platforms and channels. Some of these platforms may include (but are not limited to!): 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

And social media management, it is important to note, is not a simple matter of posting an update here and there on your company’s social media account(s). Your social media management team has to participate with your target market. 

They have to engage with your current audience, plus find and expand upon any opportunities that will boost your brand visibility and reach. 

Why Social Media Management is Important Today

Okay, you get it – social media management is important. But you have been in this industry for a long time. Like, a long time. And your marketing strategies have worked seamlessly all that time. 

So why now? Why does social media management matter so much today, when it didn’t yesterday or for the past 15 years? 

Here’s the kicker: almost 3.5 billion people worldwide use social media for just about everything you can think of. This includes staying up to date with the goings-on of their family and friends, new products on the market and news updates. 

Let’s think about that again: 3.5 billion people. That’s not a small number by any means. 

And when you use these social media sites correctly, you get a lot of benefits. These include more brand awareness, more engagement from your customer core and better conversion rates and total sales. But the list of benefits does not stop there, which we get into more deeply below. 

Why You Need a Social Media Management Company

Why You Need a Social Media Management Company

There are a lot of tasks that you need to take part in when you are exploring social media management. These are tasks that focus on both day-to-day operations and long-term management. 

For example, you have to pick the proper social media outlets to begin with. Where is your target audience hanging out? Where do they engage with content the most heavily? Your social media manager has to know the stats and latest news on each platform, too. 

And perhaps most time-consuming of all, they have to develop a social media strategy and put it into action, analyzing it the entire way through. This takes a lot of time and effort. And you have to make sure it is measurable, taking the time to analyze it constantly and take the necessary steps to change where it is ineffective. 

Scheduling posts, curating and creating content and checking up on each social media dashboard is all part of the process as well. You have to fill many different shoes. 

In a nutshell, you cannot run your business and keep up with the logistics of social media management at the same time. This is when you have to turn to the experts for social media management. 

The Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Management

We already told you we would get into the details of why you need social media management for your business. Now, it’s time to deliver. 

You will find a lot of information out there on the “why” of the matter. This is why we honed it down into this list of the top six reasons. 

1. It is Cost-Effective

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: “Hiring someone else is going to be cost-effective for my business? How would that work? Don’t I have to pay them?”

Well sure, you have to pay a social media management company. But let’s think about some logistics. 

Sooner or later, you will realize that you cannot manage your brand’s social media accounts on your own. And that’s fine! But you might look to an internal team member to take over for you. This means you have to spend hours upon hours of company time training them. 

They would have to take part in training programs and sessions to get your company to that level of success you need from your social media marketing efforts. And that’s company dollars you have to put into their training. 

You also would have to consider a pay raise. Say that you promote a rep to this position. They cannot work on their initial pay rate. And they do not have that commission coming in anymore either to supplement their pay. 

If you hire someone externally to become your new social media expert, you need to provide them with benefits in addition to salary or hourly pay for a new team member. 

That will cost far more than taking on a social media management company. 

2. It Can Reach More Users

Remember that number? 3.5 billion people out there? All people who are using social media? 

You can have a good bulk of them as your own customers. But that can only happen if you extend your reach via social media. This means you need a digital presence. And the agency you use for media management has the wherewithal to create a content calendar to arrange for that presence. 

Your audience will appreciate this effort, which means your business’s health will too. It leads to top-of-mind awareness among them. 

3. It Focuses on a Targeted Audience

Getting the content you need is tough enough to begin with. Your media management agency creates and publishes that content after they conduct research. That research is around subjects like: 

  • Your competition and the media outlets they use
  • Your industry
  • What content does well in your industry
  • And the list goes on

This means they know how to customize what you need to your audience with research-driven content. 

4. Proven to Boost Your Marketing Performance

“There’s always room for improvement.” Heard that one before, right? 

It’s also true for professional social media pages. You need to have all the right company information, header and profile pictures and biography. That goes across all platforms. 

When you do, you boost your marketing performance. 

5. To Set Up and Run Social Media Ads

You may not have even thought about paid ads yet. And that’s okay, because the right management agency already has. 

Paid ads are a proven way to get your name out there. There is a lot that goes into them. CTAs, keywords, graphic design. Copy, landing pages, keyword bidding. 

Don’t stress about it all, though. Your media management team can make sure they hit all the bases and optimize your ads for every platform. 

To Keep You Engaged With Followers6. To Keep You Engaged With Followers

Customer engagement is an ongoing process. You have to reply to direct messages and comments all the time. 

If you ignore them, you imply that you couldn’t care less about your followers. And we get that it’s tricky to juggle that constant task on top of the countless other ones you have to deal with. But your management team prioritizes this sort of engagement on your behalf.  


For social media management services, you need to turn to the experts. So turn around; we’re right here. 

Here at OmniSocial Engine, we are part of a full-service marketing agency. And not only are we experts, but we are experts who always know how to put you first. 

We are driven with heart, fueled by relationships. And we’re ready to use our relationship with you to give your business the spotlight it deserves

Social media can be tough. That’s why we have our blog to give you the quick tips you need to succeed. And for a long-term approach to success, click here to contact us today. We will create, schedule, post and design your content for your audience.

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