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5 Companies Accelerating the Social Media Management Field

Social media management is an ever-growing field. As consumer trends change, so do social media marketing (SMM) companies. How do you know which SMM companies are right for your business? We’ve compiled a list of five companies accelerating the social media management field. 

OmniSocial Engine

We may be biased, but we truly value the work we do here at OmniSocial Engine! Unlike many other SMM companies, we focus on the top three social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. That not only allows for easy account integration but also allows us to create a more focused strategy. 

Focusing on the big three platforms allows us to easily track audience engagement and attract the right audience for businesses. We also offer full community engagement for all your business pages, so you can focus on what you do best. 

Viral Nation

If influencer marketing is your bread and butter, Viral Nation is for you. They specialize in creating content for Instagram, TikTok and Twitch. They are ideal for younger business owners, appealing to Gen-Z and Millennials. Also, they have a talent agency, ideal for those looking for influencers and brand ambassadors. 

For the entrepreneur developing a new app, video games, or an online retail store, give Viral Nation a try. 


Brafton prides itself on being open to managing businesses big and small. They also keep up with the ever-changing social media trends. In addition to traditional SMM and community engagement, they also offer various package add-ons. Popular add-ons include customized Snapchat filters and live-Tweeting. 

Social Media 55

If your business is part of a specific, niche market, Social Media 55 is an ideal choice. They specialize in niche marketing and branding, allowing for a more focused strategy. From real-estate to home improvement, Social Media 55 thrives in helping smaller businesses grow their social media presence. They also offer influencer marketing and advertising campaign management, among other services. 

Joseph Studios

Many SMM companies put a heavy emphasis on advertising and paid traffic. If you want to focus on growing your business with organic traffic, Joseph Studios is for you. They specialize in using organic growth with thorough market research and community building. 

While your following may be slower to build with organic traffic, you will have more qualified leads and higher engagement. With organic traffic, you only attract people who really want what you offer. 

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We know how overwhelming it is to manage multiple social media platforms and engage with followers. Let us take it from here. We can manage your social media pages and help your business grow. Contact us today to get started.

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