About Us

OmniSocial Engine is a product of Business Marketing Engine. It was created by Gabe Arnold and the team at BME.

Our team of over 50 works remotely and provides high quality written content and branded social media content for businesses around the world. We realized that there were two pain points for most business owners when it comes to social media marketing and content marketing:

  1. Time 
  2. Ability & Interest

Most of our clients lack the time to consistently post on their social media profiles, even though they know the value and see the positive impact it has when they do make the time to post. We also see that our clients get huge returns when they simply post a short weekly blog post and share it their audience on social media. This also requires time!

The other barrier that our clients have faced before working with our team, is the ability and interest to learn how to create high quality written content and branded social media images. Learning yet another skill takes time, practice, and patience, and most business owners wisely choose not to invest the thousands of hours it takes to master these skills.

Yet, even with these challenges, smart business owners know that consistent content yields great results in the long run. Having your brand out in front of your ideal prospects day after day means that when they need you, your business is the first one they think of. 

The value of consistent content and social media branding cannot be underestimated. We believe that all businesses deserve the opportunity to be everywhere and have a powerful OmniSocial Engine working for them.

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