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Creating the Best Brand Awareness Campaign for You

The greatest service in the world, will also be the worst-selling service without a brand awareness effort behind it. Awareness is the first step in assembling a buying market for your product. Although there are several steps between awareness and conversion, it is both essential and difficult. For an up-and-coming brand, plenty of online noise and more established brands stand between you and your audience.

Developing a brand awareness initiative is less of a challenge and more of an opportunity. Your product may define your company, but a solid brand awareness boost can let you define your business. Let’s look at the beginning phases of creating the best brand awareness campaign for you.

Determine Your Brand Identity

Your logos, color palettes, and slogans may be the tangible manifestations of your brand, but it goes much deeper. A brand is a personality, a system of characteristics. You should be able to describe your brand in human traits, qualities that are true to you. Building a brand reflective of your values makes consistency and insight much easier.

Consider your brand’s purpose and the value it offers customers. When you merge all of the fine details to include in your brand, you can develop a unique voice. That will both distinguish your brand and attract the customers you desire.

Find Your Audience

Once you establish your brand identity, you can find your audience. Much of your audience is already defined, and you may have already created several buyer personas. So, you need to find your audience. Where do they exist online? What social groups do they belong to and how do you infiltrate the circle?

When you know your audience’s habits, you can optimize your social channels. There’s no need for marketing on Facebook if your ideal audience is younger kids on Twitter. Research your platforms, create a presence, and start identifying partnership opportunities with industry influencers.

Bring the Brand and Audience Together

When you know who to talk to and how to talk to them, it’s time to start talking. Use social channels to interact with your audience, commenting on posts and sharing glimpses of your personality. Create a narrative that cements your brand, giving it deep points of connection for your audience. Your truth and authenticity will lay the foundations for fruitful relationships with your ideal customer.

If you know your brand and want to maximize its effectiveness, OmniSocial Engine can deliver results. We offer a full suite of services to create engaging social media posts and manage a demanding schedule. To start executing a consistent and powerful social media strategy and brand awareness campaign, contact our team today.

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