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Community Management vs. Social Media Management

Social media is all about developing a community. As a business, you need to tap into that community to engage with your audience more efficiently. 

However, what if you could be more proactive and cultivate that community yourself? You can with a community manager. 

If you already have a social media manager, you might assume that person can also handle community management. However, these are two unique processes that demand different strategies. Let’s dive into each option. 

What Is Social Media Management?

A social media manager is someone who maintains your company’s social profiles, including posts, comments, shares and promotions. The job of a social media manager is to ensure that all messages get shared correctly on each platform. This position is extremely detail-oriented and is based on specific marketing goals. 

The social media manager is the voice of the company, speaking directly as the brand. All interactions on social profiles are from the business’s accounts, so they are a bit less personal. 

What Is Community Management?

A community manager doesn’t represent the company directly. Instead, they post and share from a personal account. However, the goal of a community manager is to help develop a social media community that can help the business. 

Another way to think of a community manager is as a brand ambassador. Rather than posting and engaging as an “official” company representative, a community manager offers more authenticity. 

How do Social Media Management and Community Management Work Together?

Since the goals of each process are different, managers should approach their tactics in distinct ways. 

Often, a social media manager will work directly with the marketing team to ensure posts and comments adhere to specific guidelines. 

By comparison, a community manager focuses on building an audience and engaging with followers on a more personal level. 

Both jobs collaborate together but achieve different results. 

Let OmniSocial Engine Handle Your Management Needs

If you’re not familiar with social media platforms and how to use them effectively, handling both management types can be challenging. Fortunately, OmniSocial Engine is here to help. We can develop comprehensive community and social media management strategies to build a more substantial brand presence online. Contact us today to find out more and to set up a consultation.

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