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Discover the Truth Behind These 5 SMM Myths

Social media marketing (SMM) is precisely what the name implies: marketing via social media. That’s straightforward enough, right? Wrong. SMM is subject to myths and misinformation that, if left uncorrected, may cost you time, money and customers. Discover the truth behind these five SMM myths.

1) SMM Is Just a Trend

Social media didn’t become popular until around 15 years ago. Many people, industry experts included, weren’t convinced that it would last. Things have changed. Social media is no longer a domain occupied solely by teenagers and college students. Instead, it’s a ubiquitous part of life. 

Facebook, for example, has billions of users. Many people swear by LinkedIn for networking. Instagram is home to influential celebrities with millions of followers. Social media is here to stay. By extension, that means SMM is, too. 

2) It’s Free and Easy

It might be free and easy to make a social media account, but effective SMM requires effort. You need to invest time and money into a marketing campaign to make it successful. SMM is no different.

In 2019, the most recent year from which data is available, Facebook made 70.7 billion dollars. Most of that money came from digital advertisements. If it were easy, Facebook wouldn’t be as profitable and everyone would be doing it. It’s not enough to have an account. You have to leverage it to work for you. 

3) You’re Wasting Your Time

You might have heard that SMM is a waste of time. If you’re not doing it right, it is. It’s a lot of work to sink into something if you’re not getting a return on your investment. When used correctly, however, SMM can have a considerable impact.

Look at Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign. It resulted in 800 million social media impressions while also boosting the company’s reputation. That’s a success no matter how you look at it. 

4) It’s Only Worth It for Young Markets

If you don’t market your products or services toward a younger audience, is SMM worth it? We think so. Social media sites collect a range of demographic information from users, which they use to target advertisements. 

As of 2020, nearly a quarter of Facebook users were over the age of 55. That may not sound like much. However, when you consider that there are billions of Facebook users? You’re looking at a vast, readily accessible market.

5) SMM Isn’t Right for Your Business

The final myth we’re going to cover today might be the most difficult to overcome. It’s the idea that SMM isn’t right for your business. That’s blatantly false. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the sole proprietor of a small business or a CEO with thousands of employees. SMM can help grow your business — and your bottom line. 

To get started with SMM for your business, contact OmniSocial Engine today. Our team of social media experts are ready to help you. 

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