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Facebook Commerce Manager: How to Sell on Facebook

Facebook sure has come a long way from when it first emerged as a new social media platform, hasn’t it? 

Of course it has. The bigger question at hand, though, is… 

How far has your company come in this modern age of social media? Are you growing with social media networks like Facebook? Or are you fighting against these larger marketplace changes? 

If you answered “yes” to the latter, take a step back. Why are you fighting against it? In certain situations, it’s perfectly kosher to “go against the grain.” But not in this one. 

Facebook is your friend when it comes to marketing your business. Even more so, Facebook Commerce Manager is your friend. It could turn into your best friend, in fact. But you need to know more before you can start capitalizing on this tool. 

You may have heard of, or have, a Facebook business page, or use Facebook ads to generate leads and ultimate revenue. If you are not using Facebook Business Suite, including Facebook Commerce Manager, it’s time to begin. 

As a business owner, or marketer for your company, what’s your goal? When it comes to specifics, you might say something like: “Increase conversion rates by X percent by Y date.” 

But it’s okay to be broad (and honest!) with us here. 

Your overarching goal is to make more money. It’s often as simple as that. 

Facebook Commerce Manager is your go-to tool for doing just that. So, let’s discuss. 

What is a Facebook Commerce Manager?

Facebook Commerce Manager is how you can sell and manage the sales of your products with a particular set of tools. This platform allows you to integrate your online sales on Facebook with those of Instagram. 

Also keep in mind that you need a desktop computer or laptop to set up your account, like you would with your Facebook business account. Mobile phones are not compatible with the set-up process. 

So, how did this tool (or set of tools) come to fruition? 

Last year, in 2020, Instagram launched their Instagram Shops feature. This meant that Instagram users were able to start shopping on the same social media app they used to scroll. 

As of 2021, there are 1 billion active users on Instagram across the globe. The idea of picture-based social interaction continues to appeal to users’ emotions. So, of course the modern consumer loves the ease that comes with shopping on social media. 

They can scroll through their friends’ and favorite influencers’ photos and the latest in social media news. With a click, they can head over to a new page on the same app to make some trendy purchases.  

Why does that matter when it comes to Facebook? 

The two networks merged, in a way. Plus, you have to think about the fact that Facebook is the number-one social media app worldwide, with around 2.89 billion global users

Why not bring the two together? 

With Facebook Commerce Manager, you get to use a Facebook page creator to open up your own online shop. Did we mention that it’s free? 

How Do You Get Approved for Facebook Commerce_

How Do You Get Approved for Facebook Commerce?

To answer this question, we turned to Facebook itself for some answers. 

Facebook tells us that you have to fulfill some requirements before using product tagging for your virtual shop. 

Make sure that both your business and Facebook page can meet each of these requirements before you reach that “approval” status: 

  • Your company, and shop, have to agree with both Facebook’s commerce policies and merchant agreement. (Their merchant agreement reads like a standard-issue Terms and Agreements page. It lists big-ticket items like complying with Instagram and Facebook’s Terms of Use and Terms of Service, Data Terms and Platform Terms. The merchant agreement touches on things like adhering to Instagram’s Community Guidelines, and Facebook’s Community Standards, to start.)
  • You need to have a pre-existing Facebook page for your business. This will be the business from which you sell your products or services. (Click here to read through our quick and easy guide to setting up your Facebook Business Manager account in just seven steps.)
  • Next, ensure that you connect your Facebook page to a Facebook Catalog. If you skip this step, you cannot move on to actually making sales from your Commerce Manager. (You can keep track of and manage your Facebook Catalog through a few different channels. This includes Facebook’s Catalog Manager or Commerce Manager itself, or an e-commerce platform of your choosing.)
  • Last of all, you need to focus on selling physical products. You cannot sell a mix of products and services like you might do in your regular shop setting. 

Follow those four simple guidelines, and you will have a much easier time with the approval process through Facebook. 

How Much Does a Commerce Manager for Facebook Cost?

Like we talked about earlier, Facebook Commerce Manager is free to set up and install. 

There are some fees you have to account for, though. This goes for both your business’s Facebook shop and your business’s Instagram shop. 

These fees can pop up when you sell your products on either one of the platforms. You can integrate the two to work together, as is the common practice. Facebook and Instagram together will then charge you upon customers checking out. The good news is that since the two apps work in tandem with one another, you will not experience any sort of double charge. 

Some more good news is that you do not have to do anything, or mark any dates on your calendar, to remember to pay these fees. This is an automatic charge that Facebook will take out of the sale you make. This fee comes out of the amount that a customer pays to order your product. 

Your seller’s fee will come to 5 percent, per shipment. Say that your shipment costs $8 or less (in USD), though. In this case, Facebook will only charge you $0.40 as a flat-rate fee. 

These selling fees account for both taxes and any payment-processing costs. They also cover any type of product you are selling, with any transaction, on Facebook and Instagram sales. 

Do You Need a Physical Shop to Use a Commerce Manager?

As the world of e-commerce continues to expand, it ends up reaching almost every corner of every marketplace. The growth of brick-and-mortar stores is starting to subside. 

To keep up with this new type of market growth, you do not need a physical storefront to use Facebook Commerce Manager

But to get the most out of your account here, you will in fact need to activate an online shop with Facebook, Instagram or both of the platforms. This will allow you to gain access to all the tools available in Commerce Manager. 

Also remember that you need to mainly sell physical products, not intangible services, to use this set of tools. 

Like the catalogs that you used to receive via snail mail, your online catalog will do the trick. This replaces the practice of customers walking through your physical shop to browse.. Instead, online browsers can scroll through your catalog to find what they’re looking for. 

How Long Will it Take for Facebook to Approve a Commerce Account?

The length of the Facebook Commerce Manager approval process depends on several things. 

First, it depends on how well you prepare yourself for setting up your account. We already went over the question of “how” when it comes to getting approval right from Facebook. But Facebook’s system asks you to have certain information on-hand to verify your business, such as your: 

  • Federal tax identification number. This has to line up with your legal name. 
  • State tax registration number. This applies to each state in which you sell your products. 
  • Email for any customer service concerns. 
  • Return policy for the items you sell on Facebook. 
  • Social security number. 
  • Date of birth. 
  • Modes of delivery. 
  • Physical address for any business-related mail. 
  • Name, as a contact for necessary business matters. 
  • Company/shop’s name. 
  • Type of business you run, like its category or type. 
  • Personal or professional email address, for any non-customer-service-related issues. 
  • Bank account information. 

What about how long it takes in general for approval, though, depending on any outstanding issues with your application? You can get that coveted approval message from Facebook around 48 hours after you submit your application

How Do You Give Your Business the Spotlight it Deserves on Social Media_

How Do You Give Your Business the Spotlight it Deserves on Social Media?

Even with Facebook Commerce Manager, it can be tricky to shine the spotlight on your business. It’s great news that you can sell online without a ton of effort these days, but with that newfound capability comes even more newfound competition. 

Don’t sweat it. OmniSocial Engine can make that happen for you. 

We have more simple guides and tips on our blog. We also offer a wide range of social media marketing services, like SEO blog posting and eye-catching copy and images. We can take over daily posting to your social media accounts, plus holistic monthly performance reporting. 

There’s no end to what you’re capable of doing on social media with OmniSocial Engine. 

So let’s get to know each other: Contact OmniSocial Engine today.

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