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Five Ways Instagram is Essential to Growing Your Clientele

One billion users. That is the Instagram user population. It is equivalent to the entire population of India. If you are looking to grow your clientele, Instagram is the way to go. Here are just a few ways Instagram can help you develop a larger and better customer base.

Instagram Offers a Superior Conversion Rate

Per a recent study, Instagram currency commands an enviable 1.08 percent conversion rate. That’s higher than both Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and Pinterest. If you want to grow your clientele, that means winning them over with a sale. Instagram users have a higher rate of going from browsing to buying than most other social media users. So, engaging with higher-quality users on a social media platform where they gather by the million makes sense.

“Niche” Should be Instagram’s Middle Name

To maximize your marketing reach, you need to establish what your niche is within your industry. Using an ideal client profile, Instagram makes it easy to configure your advertising and create content that connects with the user population most likely to want or need products in your particular niche. Moreover, Influencers on Insta are also famous for discovering special niche products and services as well, which only improves the likelihood that you will “blow up” on Instagram. It truly is an ideal environment to “niche down” and connect with high-quality users looking to buy.

Instagram Live Videos Never Miss

Video continues to be the future on social media, as both Instagram Live and TiK Tok have proven over the past several years. Live videos are the perfect opportunity to share value-added content in your community, and there is no end to the variety of material you can create and present. Many businesses on Instagram offer promotional codes and coupons in Live Video only to encourage clients to follow, and that incentive can be just enough to close the deal and make a sale.

Direct Message Campaigns Make Personal Connections Instant

Users on Instagram want to be seen and heard. It’s why they signed up for the app in the first place. They also want to see and hear from others, which is why they follow so many accounts. If you want to keep the customers you have and expand your customer base, you need to add that personal touch and use direct messaging. Not only does it assure your clients that you value their business, but you value them as a person, too.

Instagram Makes it Easy to Source Complementary Content

With a billion people posting every day, it is easy to find content similar to yours that promotes the benefits of what your product or service has to offer. Instagram also tends to connect and recommend users with complementary content via the personal newsfeed and connections portion of the app. All you need to do is start following these complementary accounts, and their algorithm does the rest. Best of all, follow often generate follow-backs, allowing you to grow your customer base even further.

Is your customer base not growing the way you would like on social media? Contact us today for more information about how we can put our extensive social media marketing and networking experience to work for you.

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