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How to Use Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation

Think of two words or phrases that have nothing to do with one another. They don’t have to be distinct opposites, but different from each other nonetheless. These can be business-related words, but you can also think of general ones.

Call to mind some words or phrases along the lines of: 

Filter and hashtag.

Engagement and impression. 

Share and repost. 

Unique selling proposition and lead generation. 

Do you see where we’re going with this one? 

All those sets of words and phrases go together, but they are not the same. They take separate actions, different amounts of work and have different connotations and denotations. 

Two things that you might not realize go together? 

Social media and lead generation. But go together they do. 

You cannot generate more leads without the help of social media. Every social media marketer knows this; every freelance social media manager gets it. But we always want to share with you the many ways in which you can grow your business, and we know how to bring you that growth in real-time. 

So, let’s dive right into social media lead generation and how you can get more leads through social media lead generation tools. 

What is Social Media Lead GenerationWhat is Social Media Lead Generation? 

Again, those four words might not seem like they go together. How do they go together? What is social media lead generation? And doesn’t it sound an awful lot like lead nurturing? 

In a more general sense, social media lead generation is pulling in (or, generating) leads through social media platforms. It is a matter of developing and implementing strategic marketing tactics

Those strategic marketing tactics are ones that you design in order to catch the eye of qualified leads so that they want to become a part of your sales funnel. 

That idea of them wanting to come to you is the basis of social media lead generation. You cut back the time you would otherwise spend on marketing to unqualified leads who never end up as paying customers for your business. 

Consider this: different social media platforms have different algorithms. But generally speaking, all social media networks’ algorithms bring you content based on your interests and common interactions on each respective network. 

So of course it is the same with your target audience when it comes to social media lead generation. If they see social media content from you that resonates with them, they come to you. It’s a sort of pre-pre-qualification. 

Plus, no harm, no foul. If they don’t like the content, odds are it will not bother them in the same way that a pestering sales rep will with frequent cold calls and cold emails. They can just ignore that content. 

Your social leads bridge the gap between potential customers and paying ones, turning that “potential” into long-standing brand loyalty for your business. 

As far as social media lead generation vs lead nurturing, though? Lead generation in this case refers to the actions you are taking (or, the activities) on social media for lead acquisition.

Lead nurturing has more to do with less-qualified leads. You nurture leads by trying to build a relationship with them, even if they did not express distinct interest in buying a product or service from you right now

What is the Best Social Media Platform for Lead Generation? 

To answer the question of what platform you can use to get the most social media leads, we have to go over some statistics

First, understand that 59 percent of marketers from around the world reported that social media marketing is the most effective way to generate higher-quality leads. And that’s a number from August 2019. 

Think of how much the world of social media, and social media marketing, has changed from just 2019 to 2021. Those changes will continue to happen. Social media, social media tools and social media as a form of communication will only grow more from here on out. 

That is a standard number, worldwide. Now, to figure out the best social media lead generation platform, it will vary a bit. 

Where is your audience hanging out? Naturally, you want to appeal to your ideal buyers on the platform where they spend the most time, and interact or engage the most. 

But it is important to note, exceptions aside, that your audience is most likely spending the most time on Facebook. 

According to B2B marketers, Facebook is the best social media platform to use for social media lead generation. 

There are several reasons why. First and foremost, Facebook has over 2.45 billion active monthly users. Of those 2.45 billion, it’s hard to say exactly how many of your potential customers are in that group, but you can safely assume that it’s– well– a lot. 

Also, Facebook has a lot of great tools for you to track and engage with your leads, like a social media dashboard and more. 

In descending order from best to not-the-best, according to those B2B marketers, here is a list of the social media lead generation platforms: 

  • Facebook (82 percent)
  • LinkedIn (48 percent)
  • Instagram (43 percent)
  • Twitter (15 percent)
  • Pinterest (9 percent)
  • Snapchat (4 percent)

Here’s How You Can Generate Leads With Social Media

Here’s How You Can Generate Leads With Social Media 

Enough with those numbers, though. Regardless of the platform that works the best for your business model, here are some simple tips for generating more qualified leads on social media. 

There are just nine of them. You can pick one or two and start with those, so as to not overwhelm yourself or your marketing department. But as you begin to see the positive effects of your efforts here, integrate some more of these steps into your marketing approach. 

Take your time, be thorough, and always reach out to us for social media services when you get stuck. 

1. Optimize Your Profile 

Generating organic leads are always where you want to start. So make sure your customers have somewhere where they can contact you, request more information and shop, for starters. 

Here’s a quick little guide to show you where to start when you need to optimize your profile: 

  • First, ensure you have the manpower and capabilities to provide customer support. (This could be through email, a brief phone call or any other means that works for you and your customers.)
  • Have clearly visible contact information on your site so your customers know where and how to contact you. 
  • Come up with attractive, easy-to-understand and specific call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your social media pages and site pages. 
  • Put a link in your bio with a CTA. 

2. Create Clickable Content 

The modern consumer has thin patience when it comes to buying. They have a lot of companies from a lot of industries competing for their attention. So make your appeals to them count with clickable content. 

Do not use clickbaity tactics to get someone to end up on your page. They might end up there, but they will not end up buying anything, and they definitely won’t come back for more later. Customer retention is out the window at that point. 

Be creative and use enticing CTAs across all your platforms and pages. Provide value to your audience, and they will return the favor. 

3. Create User-Friendly Landing Pages

A fun link or CTA is useless when your landing page doesn’t actually land with your potential customers. 

Ensure your landing pages are:

  • Skimmable 
  • Relevant 
  • Seamless
  • Tidy
  • Personal
  • User-friendly, or easy to understand 
  • As short as possible (ideally, pre-fill as many fields as you can if your landing page is a form)
  • Appealing and attractive, without too much going on

4. Run Paid Ad Campaigns on Social Media

If you’re ready to up the ante with paid ads instead of just organic traffic, we have some ideas for you here on where to start. 

Facebook ads are popular, but they’re popular for a reason. Consider starting with these to integrate paid ads into your social media lead generation strategy. 

Also consider: 

  • Instagram lead ads
  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms 
  • YouTube TrueView for Action ads

5. Use Chatbots 

Chatbots are super helpful and valuable. Often, they are nowhere near as annoying as calling a hotline for customer support and having to deal with a customer service rep who causes more harm than good. 

With chatbots, you can cut down on overhead and human error with a good chatbot. It means you do not have to worry about one of your reps losing a ticket in a whirlwind of other requests. If they do, that’s a big red flag for customers who want to do business with a company that focuses on customer satisfaction. (And let’s face it: every customer wants that.)

6. Build a Social Community 

Everyone wants to feel a connection, a sense of community and belonging. Some people might say otherwise, but that’s almost always a front. 

Building a social community around your brand is how you spark conversation and build brand awareness. 

Here’s some fast tips on how to do it: 

  • Host genuine conversations among your audience on your socials. Be active yourself, too. 
  • Incentivize appropriately for those who do engage. 
  • Get personal in your relationship-building efforts, like with responding to comments and DMs. You can also host a Q&A via livestream and answer any audience questions. 
  • Share customer success stories on your social media accounts. Everyone loves a shoutout as much as they do a genuine connection. 

7. Use Social Media Video Marketing 

The majority of people across the world are visual learners. 

Align your marketing tactics with that tidbit in mind. 

How-to product demos as videos are perfect here. And video marketing is also a great place to give your brand a personality. If wit or humor is appropriate, get that across in your videos. If you go for a more professional tone with your brand, that works too. 

Keep your social videos short and engaging, and maintain a schedule for your video posting. 

8. Refer-a-Friend Campaigns

Do you trust the word of your close friends and family members more than a product description on a business’s internal page? Of course you do. Your target market does too. 

Referral campaigns are a great way to approach social media lead generation. You will also see vast improvements in your customer retention efforts. 

9. Offer Discounts




Those might seem like obnoxious appeals in the world of consumerism. But more often than not, they work. You do not need to use 20 exclamation points for your customers to get the idea that something is free, or discounted. 

Discounts. Just. Work. 

Don’t offer a discount on everything you sell all the time. (That is not a sustainable approach to selling or marketing.) 

But do offer them sometimes. For example, a birthday discount code is an excellent way to connect with your customers on a personal level and drive revenue. 

Are You Ready to Generate More Leads With Social Media MarketingAre You Ready to Generate More Leads With Social Media Marketing? 

If you are, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. 

Here at OmniSocial Engine, we are here to serve you and your team. Other social media management services treat you as just another number. Not us; that’s not how we do things over here

We know that numbers matter for tracking your leads. But you are not a number; you run a business that came from hard work, dedication and a lot of time. 

Yet we also know that time is of the essence, isn’t it? 

So do you want top-of-mind awareness? Better social media lead generation? A focus on revenue-generating activities on your social media pages? Sustainable business growth? How about walking into the room for your next meeting and finding that everyone already knows your brand name? 

Take advantage of that time you have. 

Contact OmniSocial Engine today to start fueling your business growth.

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