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Scheduling: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A fine-tuned social media marketing strategy has quickly risen as a major priority for digital marketers. In fact, social media raises your profile, grows your brand and opens communication opportunities between you and your target market. To build success across multiple social media platforms, marketers are starting to see the advantages of scheduling their updates.

There are numerous benefits to scheduling your SMM and creating a strategy will almost always yield positive results. However, there are inherent challenges. Here are some of the reasons to prioritize a schedule, obstacles you may encounter and common mistakes to avoid.

The Good: Benefits of an SMM Schedule

Predictability: Consistency allows your followers to get used to your schedule. Additionally, it maximizes their engagement and ensures you stay on top of important updates.

Time-sensitivity: Planning your releases well in advance lets you focus on holidays, promotions and other important events throughout the year.

Follow-up: Creating a plan allows you to work follow-up into your schedule. In fact, customers appreciate responses to their feedback and increased involvement can greatly benefit your brand.

Scheduling tools: There are a host of free and paid automated SMM scheduling tools to make the process more efficient. In other words, research some of the more popular scheduling systems to see what works best for you.

The Bad and the Ugly: Scheduling Challenges and Mistakes

Cohesive teamwork: Software usability and confusion regarding workflow between designers, writers and managers is a crucial consideration when using an automated schedule. Building a schedule for the team’s progress is as critical as the update schedule itself. Certainly, defining roles lets you control processes for responding to comments, answering questions and other tasks related to social media releases.

Content quantity: The efficiency of scheduling shortens your social media time investment considerably. Overreaching on the frequency of your posts is easy when you have time to come up with content. Reducing the number of posts lets you focus on the quality, which leads to better engagement.

Omnipresence: Being present on all social media platforms can seem like you are being thorough. However, sometimes you run into quality issues. Content should be uniquely crafted for each platform to broaden your reach, maximize visibility and resonate with the viewer. Using this approach can be time-intensive and your quality can suffer. Moreover, test your social media channels. But, do not be afraid to pare them down if you are not seeing the feedback or engagement you expect.

Scheduling your social media posts can be a big boon to your business if you approach it correctly. For help with scheduling your social media posts, contact OmniSocial Engine today.

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