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Seven Tips on Social Media Management for Skeptics

Despite social media’s domination of the digital marketing world, there are still those who do not use it to its full extent. Social media is more than just posting a photo of your dinner plate! When running a business, social media presence is crucial for exposure. 

However, you may be so busy running other aspects of your business that social media takes a backseat. That is where social media management comes in. Not convinced you need a social media manager? Think again!

Save Time

A social media manager’s ultimate job is to save you time. Social media managers make graphics, write captions and post to your platforms for you. You have a busy schedule, and posting to social media may not be on your mind. Social media managers take that workload off your hands by posting high-quality content personalized for your business. 

Expert Consulting and Analysis

Social media managers know the ins and outs of the latest trends so your content will be top-notch. You can consult with your social media manager regularly to see which trends or events to focus on. Social media managers also keep track of the backend of your platforms. 

Your social media manager can see how users engage with your posts, who follows you and which posts attract attention. Using this data, your SM manager will make regular reports showing the breakdown of how your platforms are performing.  He or she will also make recommendations and suggestions for the future if your marketing strategy needs adjustments. 

Engaging with Users

Social media managers do more than just post for you. Another essential job is to engage and interact with your audience. Most social media managers spend at least a couple of hours a week liking, commenting, following and engaging with other users. This communication increases your potential audience and shows that your business wants to connect with its followers. 

Posting Across All Platforms

It is exhausting to take time out of your day to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. Luckily, social media managers can post on as many platforms as you want. Since each platform has a different posting style, your manager will know exactly how to format your posts to get the most engagement possible. Posting on multiple platforms not only diversifies your audience but also increases your overall exposure. 

Branding and Development

Most social media managers can also assist you with your branding needs. You can work with your manager to make a style guide with your preferred colors, fonts and logos. Ensure your posts look professional and uniform, so users will recognize your brand instantly. 

Hire a Freelance Manager

If you are not ready to hire a full-time social media manager, hire a freelance one! Digital marketing is a top-trending field, meaning there is no shortage of freelancers looking for work. Hiring a freelancer is perfect for a skeptic. It allows you to try it out before committing to full-time help. 

Plan Ahead

Working with a social media manager means you can work together to plan your posts ahead of time. Meet with your manager every month to discuss your goals, draft posts and make a calendar. Planning posts ahead of time gives you peace of mind and allows for adjustments if plans change. 

No matter your business, being active on social media is essential. Ready to work with social media pros? Contact us today to get started with professional social media management.

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