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Social Media Marketing: Why It’s Crucial For Any Business

In the modern digital age there is a maxim that has come to be true in nearly every context. That is that if you don’t exist on social media, then you don’t exist at all.

This logically means that social media marketing has now become crucial for businesses hoping to succeed in the digital marketplace.

In other words, create and implement a social media plan for your business, or fade into irrelevance.

The world is happening on social media platforms of all sorts. Begin your social media marketing revolution today and take advantage of this sales smorgasbord before competitors beat you to the table!

What is Social Media Marketing?

So what is social media marketing? Think of it simply as social media advertising. That is, advertising content specifically intended or designed for social media users.

Most of us regularly use social media, generally to connect with people we know and share ideas…or funny cat videos.

Whatever our reasons, the fact is that millions of potential buyers are reading news, “liking” videos and sharing memes every moment of the day.

Social media marketing is the method in which your products/brand become part of that sea of viewers and shares.

Informative videos, engaging posts and even carefully crafted yet humorous memes are all part of a successful social media strategy.

Why Do Businesses Need Social Media Marketing

Why Do Businesses Need Social Media Marketing?

Sales is a philosophy built on human interaction, from ancient market bazaars to Yelp restaurant reviews. As various world events and societal changes have pushed us all apart, social media has brought us back together again.

That’s why your business needs a social media marketing plan. There’s simply no more effective ways to connect with potential customers in the modern age than with social media marketing.

In fact, strategies for social media can include almost any sales model. Use pithy posts or tweets to build brand awareness on a mass scale. Utilize blogs as part of a social media content plan to demonstrate your company’s commitment to surrounding communities.

Find new B2B prospects by utilizing industry-specific hashtags (after all, 80 percent of such leads come from social media platforms). Identify new B2C potentials by including incentivized calls to action at the end of YouTube videos.

However you choose to implement social media marketing into your overall sales strategy, the only poor decision is procrastination. You need customers. Those customers are on social media.

Find your market and turn them into repeat buyers with social media marketing.

Here’s How Social Media Marketing Helps Businesses

At OmniSocial Engine, our business is your business. That’s why we’re committed to using social media marketing to advance your company’s performance and exceed expectations.

How can working with us benefit your business through social media marketing? Here are just a few of the ways you can see real results with a dedicated social media content strategy:

Increase Your Website Traffic

Increasing your website traffic is one of the top benefits of effective social media ads. Platforms like Facebook or Twitter use algorithms to strategically place ads relative to target audiences.

This gets your message across to potentials who might otherwise never visit your website. Use clever hooks or contact incentives to bring visitors to your site where you can collect more information for leads.

Help Generate Leads

As we mentioned in the example above, social media marketing can help generate leads for your sales team to follow up on. This media strategy can be very effective as social platforms enable your message to be delivered to very specific groups.

Target individual groups (B2B buyers, niche enthusiasts) with social media and watch your contact list grow by leaps and bounds!

Foster Lead Nurturing

This benefit flows naturally from the previous two benefits described above. As your team applies its new social strategy for identifying and following up with leads, credibility and trustworthiness will follow.

This is the foundation of relationship building, a basic tool used by sales teams around the world to retain clients and facilitate repeat business. It’s difficult to nurture your leads through the sales funnel if you’re only relying on in-person interactions.

Apply basic social media marketing strategies instead and you’ll be impressed by the speed and depth your sales connections develop.

Enable Key Performance Metrics (KPI) Tracking

The ability to reliably track your marketing metrics in real time is a wonder of modern social media marketing tools.

By using these tools, you can monitor how effective certain social media images are, for example, as compared to copy alone.

Don’t spend time obsessing over social media courses claiming to demonstrate how a method/technique can work for your business. Simply refer to your social media tracking software and learn everything you need to know all at once. 

Create Brand Identity

Brand awareness should be at the top of the list for any social media planner. Thankfully, the savvy entrepreneur will know instinctively that social media marketing excels at creating brand identity!

Use clever social media campaigns to plant exactly the image you want in consumers’ minds. When a customer has a problem, your company should be the obvious solution. 

When your brand appears before a social media user’s eyes, they should immediately know precisely what you stand for. And knowing that should make them associate your business with credibility and reliability.

Social media marketing makes all of this possible on a vast scale for relatively little investment of time or money. 

Build Social Communities

Communities of like-minded businesses or individuals, when brought together, represent a massive opportunity for business owners with vision and drive.

Consider examples like the LinkedIn social media model. On that platform companies and customers, buyers and sellers can all network and grow together.

That is the wonder of social media marketing and its ability to build communities. The only question is, will your business be a part of the communities of the future? That’s where the growth is, after all.

Choose to be part of the action; choose to grow. Choose to build your social community with social media marketing.

Expand Your Audience Network

Any online course on social media will tell you that digital marketing is the surest way to expand your audience. And guess what? They would be exactly right!

Every business needs new customers to grow. But where can good potentials be found? You could try traditional print advertising, but are the folks reading the newspaper really interested in your product? Are they the purchasers you’re seeking?

You could try recording an ad for the local television or radio stations to broadcast. But how many listeners do you honestly expect to answer your call to action while driving or relaxing at home?

No, if you want to grow your audience, you need social media marketing to meet buyers right where they are. Buyers who are ready to take action with just a few quick taps on a screen. Buyers who like what they see and want more.

Generate Ideas for Unique Content

Social media can benefit your business by inspiring new and unique content for a market desperate for something different. New tools can now be used by marketers online to create interactive content that engages customers.

Rather than feeling sold to, potentials can be attracted by clever posts your company uploads daily to its Instagram feed. Customers who might never before have considered your services can now be drawn in by unique images on Pinterest.

The digital marketplace can sometimes feel like an echo chamber, but technology has made the once impossible a reality. Enable your sales marketing team to harness this power and create content as unique and diverse as your customers. 

Improve Communication and Interaction with Target Audiences

Improve Communication and Interaction with Target Audiences

Now here is an interesting secret known to every experienced social media marketer: information flows both ways online!

Effectively using social media marketing means improving communication and interaction with your customers by learning about them through their profiles. What are they saying? What are their preferences? What are their problems?

Social media marketing means learning to understand who your customers are and how they think. How else will you position yourself to solve their needs with your services or products?

It also means staying in constant contact through posts, comments and even direct messages. No more junk mail in the post office box. No more awkward phone calls at dinner time. Send your customers a message online, comment on their posts and meet them where they’re at.

This streamlined form of communication and personalized interaction with your target audience will work wonders for your brand recognition. It will also go a long way in forming positive public perception without having to hire an expensive PR rep!  

Let’s get social!

At OmniSocial Engine, we’re prepared to take your business to the next level using social media marketing. We have the tools and know-how to help your business meet its goals in the world of social media. 

We offer in-house experts who can craft engaging copy, design interactive content and help your social profile flourish. And we can do all of this and more at a budget that fits your company’s marketing strategy like a glove.

So let’s get social! Contact us on our website or through our social media profiles like Facebook or Instagram. You won’t regret it.

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