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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Measuring Brand Awareness

The work of an entrepreneur is never done. Entrepreneurs must always focus on their business and work hard to implement positive changes to their brand to maintain success. Business strategy is always changing, and there is always room for growth and improvement. 

Measuring brand awareness is vital for any business and should be a priority for any entrepreneur. Brand awareness is essential to having a successful business. It’s the main way to reach your target audience and see how your customers view your brand. Measuring brand awareness each month and seeing how it fluctuates will give you insight into what customers think about your brand. It will also give you insight into the changes you can make to become even more successful. 

Keep reading to find out how you can measure brand awareness and use this knowledge to heighten your brand’s success. 

Create Customer Surveys

Customer surveys are perfect for measuring brand awareness because they target your existing customers. You can ask these customers poignant questions to discover how they interact with your brand. A popular way to send out a survey is through email. But, some brands like to post surveys on their social media stories. Posting on Instagram Stories is a great way to reach customers and ask them questions. Some popular customer survey questions are:

  • How did you hear about our brand? 
  • What is your favorite product/service? 
  • How would you rate our products/services? 
  • How can we improve?

Asking these questions can tell you a lot about your average customer and how they are reaching your business. It’s good to know if people reach your brand through social media, an ad you created or another source. That way, you will know what is working and what isn’t. Knowing how your products and services are working is great information to have. It will help you track how your brand is doing. 

Sending out customer survey emails is easy, but getting customers to actually respond can be difficult. Putting the link to a sale or giving customers a discount code upon finishing the survey is a good strategy that will result in more customers participating. 

Website Analytics

Using your own website analytics is a great way to track brand awareness. Look at elements like main traffic source, ad reach and SEO to see who reaches your website and how you rank on Google. You can also use Google Analytics, which is a great way to get detailed information about your website and brand. The analytics tools that come with a website are often not as detailed as Google Analytics. 

To use Google Analytics, you can make a free account and plug in the URL you want Google to track. Once you plug in your website link, Google Analytics will show you everything it knows about your site. The Channels section on Google Analytics is a great place to measure your brand awareness. You will see eight channels in this section, but you should really focus on the Direct channel. This channel tracks the number of people who typed your website URL into their search bar to access your site directly. You can use this channel to monitor direct traffic over time to see how your brand awareness is improving. 

The “Main Traffic Sources” section on Google Analytics will show you how people discovered your brand online. Go under the “Acquisition” section, and under “All Traffic” click on “Sources/Medium”. You will be able to see your site’s top traffic sources, which will indicate the best way to continue reaching your customers. Reaching your target audience can be difficult, and using these tools can help you hit your target audience every time. 

Use Social Media

People love to go online and give information about products and services they love – or don’t love so much. Millions of conversations happen on social media every day, and some of these conversations may be about your brand. To see if your customers are talking about you, hop on social media and check it out. Search for hashtags on Twitter or do a quick search on Instagram or Facebook to get started. That is a great way to see what people are really saying, without a filter. You will learn the truth about what people think about your brand and will be able to make changes accordingly. 

Having active social media accounts is also a vital aspect of implementing brand awareness to your customers. Millions of people are active on social media every day, and some of those people are in your target audience. Social media makes reaching your target audience easy. And using these platforms will help you get new customers quickly. 

If you want to share your products and services with your customers in an ad, post one to a social media platform. Pay for it so that the ad reaches your target audience. You can reach people based on gender, age, location and interests. Plus, you can get so creative on social media and post all sorts of content. Be inspirational, creative or informative — it’s totally up to you. No matter what you decide to post, it is essential that you remain active on social media every day. You also need to post information that is relevant to your brand. Customers will follow and click on the link to your website, leading to more traffic and more potential sales. There are no downfalls when it comes to being active on social media. Social media will increase your brand awareness and help you get your content to where your customers will see it.  

Find Your Brand Reviews

Customers love reading reviews on Google, Yellow Pages, Yelp and Amazon. These sites are also where potential customers will find out more about your business and your brand. Customers want to read reviews before purchasing so they can be confident they are spending their money wisely. Take a look at the review sections of these websites to see what people are saying about your brand. You will see both positive and negative reviews. But you will come out knowing more about what customers want and how you can improve your products and services. 

Be a Person, Not a Business

Using all of these tools to amp your brand awareness will lead you to the right path. But, negative reviews and feedback from customers can be discouraging and can distract you from making progress. 

When you see negative feedback from customers, do not let it get in the way of your brand’s success. Your brand is more than a business — it is who you are and what you believe in. People like to see a real person on social media and online in general. So, sometimes it’s best to put personal content out there to show people you are the face of your brand. Online, aim to be a person, not a business. Negative feedback will come and go. But more people will connect with your brand when they see that a real person is behind it, rather than a corporate community they cannot relate to. This idea becomes even more true when you base it on your target audience. Is your target audience stay-at-home moms in their thirties? Or, is it men who are planning to retire? Or, is it teenagers who are about to enter college? Whoever your target audience is, you must have a connection to them so you can build your brand around who they are. Share that story online and see the response that you get. Telling a story is the best way to get personal and reach people in a more sincere way. 

Lastly, remember to use any negative feedback to your advantage. How can you accomplish what the customer wants so they can be happy with your products and services? How can you broaden your product range to offer more customers what they are looking for? As an entrepreneur, you already have the hard stuff taken care of. So, don’t be intimidated when your customers want to see a change. Spreading brand awareness will help you get sales. But using the feedback from the brand awareness will help you bring your success to a whole new level. 

Final Thoughts

Measuring brand awareness can be difficult for any entrepreneur. But, taking steps to understand what your customers want will always lead you in the right direction. The business world is constantly changing. By moving with these changes, you will maintain your business and your brand reputation. Using website analytics, social media, and surveys to reach your target audience will consistently help you meet your goals and reach higher success. Don’t be afraid to take the leap and to use new tools and strategies to make your brand the best it can be. 

For more information on brand awareness or to get help going in the right direction, contact OmniSocial Engine today. 

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