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Making the Most of Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin

Social media marketing is dominating the digital marketing world. Depending on your audience, your focus will shift from different platforms. No matter your industry, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin are vital parts of any marketing strategy that need to be utilized. Here are some ways to make the most of your social media platforms. 


Facebook is one of the most well-known social media platforms out there. Since its creation in 2004, it has grown to include almost two billion users worldwide and has revolutionized how we share media. 

Business owners use Facebook to post events, new products, testimonials and company updates. However, Facebook also has a lot of tools designed to help businesses reach more users. 


Facebook Messenger is a free app that allows users to message each other, do video calls and pay each other. Messenger is a great tool for businesses because it allows you to easily talk with customers. Not only is it a great customer service tool, but Messenger also includes QR code scanning and custom greeting options.

Business Pages

Pages allow business owners to connect to their audience. Unlike a Facebook group, Pages can be used to cultivate traffic and bring in potential customers directly to you. Pages work well for smaller businesses that do not have a website yet. 

Unlike personal Facebook profiles, business profiles are public and can be shared with anyone. Pages include call-to-action buttons and options to post your products and services. Post office hours and locations so users can easily find you. 

Instant Experiences

Instant Experiences is a free design tool that allows you to create multimedia content to use for posts or ads. When clicked on, Instant Experiences open full-screen to create an immersive experience for users. They can be interactive and include call-to-action buttons so users can easily browse your products or learn more about your business. 


Facebook’s advertising tools are crucial for any marketing strategy. Personalize your ad campaign to get the most out of your budget. Create an ad, set your daily budget, target specific demographics and add links to your website or online store. 

Facebook also offers detailed insights into your ad campaigns so you can break down user engagement by location, gender, age and interests. Knowing these statistics helps to streamline your future campaigns to get the highest traffic possible. 

Not all ads are created equal. Facebook offers a variety of different ads depending on what you are promoting. Invite users to like your page, send them to your website, promote your app or offer deals. Here are some different types of ads that Facebook offers:

  • Page like ads.
  • Offer claim ads.
  • Local awareness ads.
  • Click-to-website ads. 
  • Video views. 


Compared to Facebook, Instagram tends to appeal to a younger audience and its users are more actively engaged while using the app. Its simple posting platform allows for user-friendly engagement and easy scrolling. 

Every modern business owner needs to utilize Instagram to widen its reach and appeal to younger users. Luckily, Instagram has a lot of resources for business owners. 

Business Pages and Insights

Like Facebook, Instagram offers business pages that are perfect for engaging with customers. Post product photos that link to your online store. Activate call-to-action buttons so users can easily reach you. Gain insights into your followers and how they interact with you. 

Instagram’s detailed insights show demographics by age, location and gender. They also display hourly and daily statistics on user engagement, new follows and post likes. Knowing this information will help you figure out the best time of day to post, who to appeal to and what posts users prefer. 


Instagram Stories are great for posting highlights, exclusive deals and live videos. Stories are posted above user timelines so they are instantly visible. While they are only visible for 24 hours, save them to your story highlights on your Instagram profile so they can still be seen. 

Easily collaborate with other Instagram influencers, share behind-the-scenes photos and connect with your followers. If a follower tags you in a post, share it to your story as a testimonial. You can also go live and talk with your followers in real-time. Live videos are great for events, giveaways or important updates. Add fun effects, stickers and filters to enhance your photos. 


Reels is the newest edition to Instagram, directly competing with TikTok. If you are appealing to younger audiences, using Reels is a must. Easily create unique 15-30 second multi-clip videos that are shared on your feed and Instagram Explore page. 

With Reels, you can adjust the speed of your video, add music, use filters and collaborate with friends. For businesses, the sky is the limit for what you can create. Showcase new products, take followers behind the scenes or make something funny with your employees. Reels is a fun, casual way to connect with your audience. 


If you want to make longer videos, IGTV is for you. Video content is becoming more popular by the minute and is on track to surpass photos as a top digital marketing tool. IGTV videos range from 60 seconds to an hour-long, giving you plenty of space to be creative. 

Users can easily follow you from your IGTV videos and see more of your content. Videos are posted in your feed as one-minute previews to promote higher engagement and discoverability. If you are at a loss for what to post to your Instagram, try making some videos. 


Like Facebook, Instagram offers a variety of ad campaigning options for business owners. Instagram’s ad creation process is simple to use and allows you to set your daily budget. Start with promoting a post. 

Your post will show up in user’s feeds even if they do not follow you. The higher the budget, the more users reached. You can also post ads in your story, post videos or use one of Instagram’s many ad formats. Here are some options they offer:

  • Photo gallery ads.
  • Carousel ads.
  • Explore page ads. 
  • Collection ads. 


Linkedin gives entrepreneurial leaders and professionals a platform to talk about all things business. It is an essential platform for any business owner looking to expand their industry network, stay in the know with new trends or hire new employees. Follow these tips to get the most out of your Linkedin profile.

Lead Generation

While Linkedin is not a sales website, it is a great way for business owners to talk to lead prospects. Based on your profile information, Linkedin shares other profiles and subjects you might like allowing you to connect with others in your industry. 

Linkedin calls this method “social selling” and according to their data, it is working well. Avoid cold-calling altogether and generate stronger leads. 

Search for Candidates

Finding the right employee is nerve-wracking. Luckily, Linkedin is a great way to search for qualified candidates that are actively searching for career opportunities in your industry. 

Using Linkedin’s advanced searching tool, customize your search by location, industry, job description and experience. Post job listings and message potential candidates all within Linkedin. Candidates that are interested in your industry are notified whenever new job listings are posted. 

Become an Industry Leader

Linkedin is a great place to publish professional and educational content. How does this differ from posting on Facebook and Instagram? Linkedin specializes in business-centered content so you will not see people’s personal content like you would on other platforms. 

As a business owner, it is a great platform for posting blogs, research articles and testimonials. Post outside articles and share industry news so your followers can rely on you as a knowledgeable source. 

Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator is another great tool for lead generation. Sales Navigator is an extension that connects to your Gmail account. Whenever you get a new email, the person’s Linkedin profile summary also appears next to your inbox. 

Easily read over their profile to determine the best course of action for generating a lead. You can also use this tool when talking with potential employees to easily read over their qualifications. 

Website Integration

Another great way to bring more traffic to your Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin accounts is to integrate them into your website. You can do this by adding social share buttons at the top of your home page or adding share windows that show your most recent posts. Website users can easily click on these and follow you on social media

Connect with OmniSocial Engine for your Social Media Needs

Knowing the ins and outs of social media is overwhelming for any business owner, which is why we are here to help. Contact us today to learn how we can help you optimize your social media pages so your business can be seen anywhere.

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