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When Is the Right Time To Start Social Media Management?

Social media is just one tool in the digital marketing arsenal available to business owners. When leveraged properly, it proves powerful in helping businesses build their audience and brand awareness. For entrepreneurs and business owners looking to establish a social media presence, management of your platforms is key. It’s not enough to throw together and schedule some posts, praying for instant audience engagement. 

Perhaps launching social media content for your business has been on your mind, but when and where do you start? Keep reading to learn the basics of social media management and how to effectively initiate your brand-building strategy.

When You’re Falling Short of Your Goals

You use social media to connect with your customers while reaching new ones. This adds value to your business. You could be posting several times a day, but still not reach your intended goal. You might not be receiving any engagement or new customers and have no clue why. Do your posts give users quality information? Do your posts benefit them in any way? 

If you can’t clearly spell out the value you bring or your messaging is simply not resonating with your audience, consider hiring a social media manager. A professional can help you find the problem and adjust your strategy. People want value. If they think “value” instead of “pitch” when they see your content, you’ll see greater traffic. 

A social media manager will provide them with quality content for you and grab their attention. Putting a professional in the driver’s seat of your social media management creates a win-win situation. It adds value to the lives of your customers and keeps you on track toward your goals. 

Where a Social Media Manager Comes Into Play

Anyone who’s ever owned a business knows and will tell you that it’s not easy. It requires a lot of effort, money and, of course, time. Running social accounts might sound like a manageable proposition, but it too requires a lot of work and time. Social media accounts need to follow a regular content schedule and contain evergreen content. Without a proper strategy in place, you’re likely to find yourself overwhelmed, trying to juggle too much. 

Hiring a social media manager will help you remain top of mind with your audience, allowing you to focus on revenue-generating activities. In an increasingly digital world, it’s vital that you continue building your brand in the digital space. A social media specialist will do just that. 

Learn the X’s and O’s of Social Media Marketing

To succeed at something, you have to understand it. Social media is certainly no exception. Establishing a social media presence means understanding the ins and outs of SEO, competitor analysis, advertising and strategy. Your posts need to hit all the right hot buttons while avoiding areas of lower interest and less engagement. 

Learning how to do this, and how to do it well, takes too much time. A social media manager knows how to pinpoint and connect with your target audience, taking care to use your brand voice. And, on the back end, they’ll track certain metrics tied to your “social funnel”: awareness, engagement, conversion and consumer.  

Social media managers are an integral part of building brand awareness and an asset to any team. Let OmniSocial help you take your social media management to the next level. Visit our site or contact us today! Leave social media to the experts, while you work on what you do best.

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